Peter Strothers

Director at Large (2019-2021)

Peter Strothers Email:

Born into a military family in 1990, Peter A. Strother, Jr. spent his childhood moving across the country, as well as a couple years in Germany shortly after his sister was born in 1992. Much of this time was spent in both North and South Carolina, as well as Ohio. In 2005, his father retired from the Army after 20 years of service and relocated to the Carolina Forest area where Peter attended high school until 2008. In 2011, Peter attended college where he earned an Associate’s degree in Drafting and Design Technology in 2013. Today, he works at G3 Engineering as a CAD Technician. This job has allowed him to pursue his professional interests and granted him the opportunity to become a first-time homebuyer in 2017.
Since childhood, Peter has held a strong interest in roads, highways, and transportation in general. He follows transportation related issues closely and is always thinking of ideas to make getting around easier.
Being a member of the Carolina Forest Civic Association has made it easier for Peter to learn about current events and issues impacting the community, and is interested in helping to address some of the issues within the community.