Attention Residents!
In the past few months, bears have been frequently sighted in our neighborhoods.  They’ve become a significant nuisance, breaking into trash cans, tearing out garbage, roaming through our neighborhood, cubs climbing trees behind residents’ properties, getting into gas grills, and causing minor property damage.  
With the woods being cleared from many new construction sites, bears are being driven closer to our community and are hungry.
A representative from the Dept of Natural Resources has made the following recommendations:
1. For a three-week period, keep trash bins in the garage, bringing out only for weekly trash collection.
2. After bins are emptied, pour a small amount of bleach into the bottom of bins to neutralize food odors.
3. Don’t leave food, bird seed, pet food or other edible items outdoors.
4. If bears are sighted, remain at a safe distance and create a loud noise, using an air horn, pots & pans, etc., to prompt them to leave the area.
5. To help DNR determine the bears’ behavior pattern, report any sightings via the following website:
Residents are encouraged to follow these guidelines, especially those whose yards border wooded areas or if bear activity has occurred on your street.  Keeping trash bins in garages will likely only be advised for a three-week period, but other precautions are ongoing.  The goal is to discourage these bears so that they move on and relocate themselves. 
Additional helpful information about black bears can be found at the following website: